Eyelash extensions

All sets of eyelashes are customized in length and thickness

Full Set - $250
Similar to two coats of mascara
This set includes 50+ lashes per eye
This set is our most popular set of eyelash extensions
The perfect natural set! Keep them wondering if they're real!


Glamour Set - $300
This set will give you the fullest, darkest, thickest look!
This set includes 85+ lashes per eye
Great for those who want their eyes to stand out
and their lashes to be noticed!


Volume Lashes - $350
New and advanced application of eyelash extensions
This method involves applying 2-4 very fine lashes to one natural lash
Creating a soft and full lash line
This means 175-300 lashes per eye!


Extension Touch Ups
To keep your eyelash extensions you will need to get touch ups
When a natural lash matures and falls out
A new lash that has been growing, replaces it
People typically shed 1-5 natural lashes a day
When your natural lashes shed the extensions shed with them
With proper care and maintenance
Touch ups are typically needed every 2-4 weeks

30 Minute Touch Up - $50

45 Minute Touch Up - $65

60 Minute Touch Up - $75

90 Minute Touch Up - $125

Mink Lashes - Add $25

Volume Lashes - Add $25




Custom Facial - $85
The custom facial is a classic European facial treatment completely customized for your skin type
It will leave you relaxed and refreshed!
Treatment is 50 minutes


Petite Facial - $65
The petite facial is a condensed version of our facials offered
It is recommended for maintenance, people on the go, or simply a less expensive treat
Treatment is 30 minutes


Totally Teen - $55
A complete facial for our guests under the age of 18
This treatment will include exfoliation, extraction of impurities and a purifying mask
We introduce the basics of good skincare for a lifetime of beautiful skin!
Treatment is 30 minutes



Waxing services

Face Waxing
Brow - $22
Lip - $14
Chin - $14
Lip and Brow - $30
Brow, Lip and Chin - $38
Ear - $8
Nose - $12

Bikini Waxing
Basic Bikini - $50
Extended Bikini - $60

Body Waxing
Underarms - $24
Full leg - $60
Half leg - $40
Chest - $50
Back - $75




Makeup Application Trial - $50
Special Occasion - $65
Bridal Party - $85
Bride - $100