All treatments are 50 minutes
(unless otherwise noted)


Deep - $90
If problem breakouts are a concern, this facial is the solution!
Designed to flush out embedded debris and impurities from the skin
This facial will smooth, calm, and disinfect normal to oily skin


Vitamin - $90
Too much sun?
This antioxidant facial will restore firmness, refine texture, even out complexion
and tone your face and neck. Your skin will leave nourished and glowing!
Recommended for all skin types


Gentlemen's - $85
Men need pampering too!
Designed especially for men, to ease the effects of shaving and revitalize dehydrated skin
Includes deep cleanse, steam, and layers of warm towels


Petite facial - $65
The petite facial is a condensed version of our facials offered
It is recommended for maintenance, people on the go, or simply a less expensive treat
Treatment is 30 minutes


Totally teen - $55
A complete facial for our guests under the age of 18
This treatment will include exfoliation, extraction of impurities and a purifying mask
We introduce the basics of good skincare for a lifetime of beautiful skin!
Treatment is 30 minutes